Welcome to Chequers!! If you collect, sell, or just enjoy casino chips and tokens Chequers has features for you to explore and enjoy.
Chequers Magazine - The Online Magazine of Casino Collectibles - Archives which offers articles and columns by some of the best writers in the hobby.
The Auction Block - Looking for online autcions with chips and tokens? We've placed links to the web's top auction sites on one page.
If you collect chips from distant gaming venues a New Issue Service can be a great help, and, you can find them listed here in Chequers NIS Directory.
To help introduce people to chip collecting we wrote an article that was featured in Casino Player magazine. The piece covered a lot of ground in a small space.
Chequers is your gateway to the world of casino chips. News, articles, book reviews, places to go, events and lots more.Explore and enjoy!

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