News From the Dutch Caribbean

by Ralph Pollack
CC&GTCC Life Member R-749-13

News From the Dutch Caribbean, May, 1999

This Ralph Pollack article appears courtesy of Gaming Times Magazine

Alhambra Casino of Aruba

View of the Alhambra Casino

This casino first opened on December 1,1984. The initial managers were Mr. Chen Croes and Mr. Wilfred Trimon. Chen Croes is still at the Alhambra while Wilfred is now the casino manager at the Royal Palm Casino. The Alhambra Casino and property is owned by the Divi Resorts. They recently renovated the casino and made great improvements with brighter lighting and great air filtration system.

They are the only casino, to the best of my knowledge, in all of the ABC and St. Maarten Islands to have a 25 cent chip! This chip was assigned the PRC# ALH-.25H.1. Their regular chips have the Hat & Cane mold with a small Divi Divi tree in its center inlay, PRC# ALH-1H.2. The white colored $1.00 chip, PRC# ALH-1H.1, is used for the Blackjack tables, while the blue colored $1.00 chip is used for the progressive Caribbean Stud Poker game.

They used the Chipco "Unicorn" mold for their roulette chips. This is the only time that this mold was used in these islands for roulette. These chips although worn are quite attractive, PRC# ALH-U.2 Roul, U.3 Roul & U.4 Roul.

The next issue of roulette chips were the full graphic Chipcos with the view of a Cunucu house. These Cunucu houses were typical of the early construction designs people living in Aruba in the early 1900's. Also in this design is a Divi Divi tree and the words "CASINO & SHOPPING CENTER". Since they have several roulette tables, they placed "diamonds" or "stars" in the rim regions to distinguish different table locations, PRC# ALH-C.10 Roul.

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