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The Professor, Michael Knapp

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A Antique Gambling Chips
Atlantic City Casino Chips and Tokens (Black's Catalog)
B Black's Catalog of Puerto Rico Casino Chips
C Casinos and their Ashtrays: A Collector's Guide with Values & Casino Histories
Casino Chips & Tokens of the Dutch Caribbean
Casino Tokens of Monte Carlo
The Chip Rack
Collecting Casino Chips
Collecting Casino Cocktail Napkins
Collecting Casino Dice
Collecting Casino Matchbooks
Collecting Casino Memorabilia
Collecting Casino Cards
The Collector's Guide to Nevada Casino Promotional Tokens with Price Guide
A Collector's Guide to Nevada Gaming Checks & Chips
Colorado Casino Chip Exchange: Price Guide for Colorado Casino Chips
D Delta Nights: N.O.L.A.: New Orleans & Louisiana Parishes Illegal Gambling Clubs Checks & Chips
The Dice Man Speaketh: Casino Dice Book and Catalog
E Eastman's Illustrated Guide to California Card Room Chips & Checks
G Galveston: Island of Chance
The Gaming Table
Ginsburg's Guide to the Chips & Casinos of Curacao
A Guide to Florida's Gaming Chips, Checks and Tokens
I Ivory Gambling Chips
N Nevada Silver Premium Gaming Tokens: 1999 Price Guide
Nevada's Golden Age of Gambling: History in Photos and Stories
Newport: The Real Sin City
O Old Poker Chips
T Top's Casino Guide to Florida Card Rooms

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