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Ivory Gambling Chips, Dale Seymour (1997)

180 pages, plastic comb bound, $24.95 plus $3 postage, P. O. Box 50863, Palo Alto, CA 94303 (also carried by dealers)

Dale Seymour's Antique Gambling Chips has already been reviewed here. With Ivory Gambling Chips, Seymour has created a separate book for the collector who wishes to specialize in ivories.

Most of the material in this book appears in Antique Gambling Chips as well. What is different about the ivory book is that it is organized in workbook fashion for notes and newly-discovered chips. The illustrations from the parent book appear on right-hand pages. The left-hand pages of Ivory Gambling Chips contain blank circles for chip photocopies, as well as lined areas for notes of variation descriptions and the like.

A detailed description of the methodology of Seymour ivory chip numbering appears at the beginning of the book, and every facing page contains a conversion chart which aids in understanding the differences and similarities between the original Seymour numbering system (the 1985 original edition of Antique Gambling Chips) and the newly-expanded numbering system of the Revised Edition (1997). In addition, each facing page contains the Value Rating Code used for all chips contained in the Seymour books. Clearly, in dealing only with ivory chips as this book does, the lower-end codes (50 through $15) aren't used here, but the code system remains consistent with that of the other Seymour books.

For the ivory collector, the ability to make notes and to include new finds, as well as the convenience of a thinner, spiral-bound book which is easier to carry to shows and flea markets, is of substantial benefit. The additional design notes in this edition make it a requirement for serious collectors of ivory chips.