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The Professor, Michael Knapp

The Collectors Guide to Nevada Casino Promotional Tokens with Price Guide, The Coin Company & Washoe Antiques (1993)

157 pages, wire ring bound, The Coin Company; $19.95 plus $3.05 postage, Gaming Archaeology, P. O. Box 1000, Minden, NV 89423 (also carried by dealers)

A collaboration among Howard and Kregg Herz, Jodi Sones and Dean Richmond, this invaluable guide is the only one of its kind to focus exclusively on promotional gaming tokens. It includes free play, free drink, no cash value, non-negotiable, premium chips and tokens as well as medallions, good luck tokens and similar types of promotional chips and tokens issued by Nevada casinos.

Each type of chip or token is sharply photographed in black and white, and the photos alone make this book well worth its low price.

The publication of this guide was the first time that anyone had attempted to catalog Nevada's promotional items, and the first appearance of a price guide to such material. Although the book was published several years ago, the price guide has continued to be the one listing referred to by most collectors, and the values shown still appear to be valid and accepted.

For the collector of promotional pieces, this guide is an essential addition to the bookshelf.