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The Professor, Michael Knapp

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A Anderson, Art: Casino and Their Ashtrays
B Banick, Allen: Colorado Casino Chip Exchange
Black, Archie: Atlantic City Casino Chips and Tokens (Black's Catalog)
Black, Archie: Black's Catalog of Puerto Rico Casino Chips
C Chalfant, Frank: Galveston: Island of Chance
D Day, Thomas: Casino Tokens of Monte Carlo
E Eastman, Lawrence R.: Eastman's Illustrated Guide to California Card Room Chips & Checks
F Finstuen, Kleindeinst, Marshall & Marshall: Delta Nights
G Ginsburg, Robert A.: Ginsburg's Guide to The Chips & Casinos of Curacao
H Herz & Herz: A Collector's Guide to Nevada Gaming Checks & Chips
Herz, Herz, Richmond & Sones: The Collector's Guide to Nevada Casino Promotional Tokens wiTh Price Guide
K Knapp, Myers & Wheelden: The Gaming Table
L Laudeman, Jeff: The Dice Man SpeakeTh: Casino Dice Book and Catalog
Laudeman, Jeff: Newport: The Real Sin City
Lighterman, Ginsburg & Lighterman: A Guide to Florida's Gaming Chips, Checks and Tokens
M Moe, Albert W.: Nevada's Golden Age of Gambling
N Newby, John "Top": Top's Casino Chip Guide to Florida Card Rooms
P Pollack, Ralph: Aruba: Pollack's Guide to The Chips & Tokens of Aruba
Pollack, Ralph: Casino Chips & Tokens of The Dutch Caribbean
S Seymour, Dale: Antique Gambling Chips
Seymour, Dale: Ivory Gambling Chips
Seymour, Dale: Old Poker Chips
Spencer, Donald: Collecting Casino Chips
Spencer, Donald: Collecting Casino Dice
Spencer, Donald: Collecting Casino Matchbooks
Spencer, Donald: Collecting Casino Cards
W Weaver, Marvin: Nevada Silver Premium Gaming Tokens
Wheelden, Myers & Knapp: The Chip Rack

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